Very excited boy

DH's new tractor arrived one day last week.
Waid was one very happy boy!!!!
He inspected every single inch of it before DH got home.
Waid can barely read, but he can tell you all about tractors!
Of course he got a ride as soon as DH got home.
The next day, DH got right to work with it.  We are so thankful to have the equipment needed to run the farm, and so very thankful for LOTS of hay!

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  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I love watching your farm grow and your stewardship of it. So inspiring!!! Congrats on a new tractor!! The bathrooms look great! The pies I bet were delicious!! Stuffed mushrooms are one of my favorites!!! One day we hope to have a cowe for butter but it will probably still be several years yet. I love when we get milk from our goats!! The treasures haven't forgotten about their pen-pal duties, it more a matter of moms mind has been filled with other things. So thankful for your blessings you have been blessed with, from your farm to your treasures ;) ~Trina