The new girl

Her name is Lucy, as in Lucille Ball.  She is 14 months old and ready to be bred.
Of course any future daughters will be named after other funny ladies.
We have name themes with each cow and their daughters.
We had all this guard rail; 918 feet to be exact.
I'm sure it was wonderful for the previous owner, when he had 300 head of cattle to control.
But for us, it was an eyesore, blocking our views.
DH listed it for sale, or possible trade for a heifer.
We got the heifer=).

Things look so much better with out the guard rail.  Now we have lots of posts to pull up.
Isn't Moe precious exploring the area he couldn't get to before.
Lucy has already made friends with Ginger and Nellie.  And she's doing OK with the big cows too.
What made the deal super sweet..... about half of the guard rail had been taken down, but half was still up.
The man that got the guard rail and his crew spent the day taking all the rest down....saving DH DAYS of labor!!!
Bartering in the country is great!!

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