bath part 2

The cabinet was painted and new pulls and hinges added.
Of course old holes had to be filled and sanded, then new ones drilled, just like in the girl's bath.
OK, so you either love or hate the antique door being used as a divider. 
 It doesn't do as much dividing as I had hoped.  The doorknob is the new hand towel hook.
Laundry cabinets were painted and got pulls left over from our last kitchen.
Yes, my non- modern dryer is sitting on a pedastal ....Lowe's clearance, $35.
It would be good if it matched, but it keeps me from standing on my head to reach to the back of the dryer.

I ordered a custom print of a great pyreneese to go over the toilet, and I'd like to put this clock somewhere.
BUT, my print is lost in Detroit, and I don't want to hang the clock until I'm sure that the print will indeed go over the toilet.
YAY!! This project went much faster than the girls bath.

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