Hired help

actually she's working for free--sort of.             
Kristen lost her job a couple of weeks ago.  This happened the same week she/we decided to put her house for sale.  It's the house we bought, for her to rent, two summers ago.
We got an offer on the house the second day.
Good news, the house isn't sitting on the market an unknown amount of time, with a daughter in it who cannot pay the rent.
Bad news, it was a low-ball offer.  Not as much profit as we were hoping for, less money to share with Kristen, who needs that sweat equity money to move on.
Kristen ended up being able to pay for a travel trailer to live in, and have money for lot rent, etc.
Today she is working off the last utility bill for the house. 
 We believe in helping our kids, but not giving them a free ride.

After much weed-eating, she helped pull posts and fill holes.  
Also, we have been working on the dam to one of the ponds.  We relocated the overflow pipe, and are filling in the trench made by the old overflow pipe.
Since I did not have to be out helping DH today, I got some things done inside.  
Like making butter.  I'm getting pretty good at holding a glob in my hand and knowing when it is 4 oz.  I wrap them in parchment and freeze them in large baggies.  I pre-weigh to make using the butter in recipes easier.
That's all the excitement here; milk, work, school, repeat.

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