Josie's baby!

Tuesday night, we went out to check on Josie one last time before bed.  I had been on "calf watch" for a few days.  Funny thing, 3/4 of our calves were born on Tuesdays.  When we got out to the pasture, she had just had the calf moments before.
Josie did very well, it was her 1st calf.  We were surprised how tall the calf was, since Jersey's are a smaller breed.  Josie was a good mama all day Wednesday, except for nursing; she kept backing away.

So Wednesday evening, we decided Josie desperately needed relief, and the calf desperately needed to eat.
We got Josie through the milking process fairly easily, considering it was her first time.  

She gave 3 gallons of colostrum!  DH had told Avery that if this calf was a girl, it could be her pet.  Avery was so excited to give her the 1st bottle, and named her Flossie.
On Thursday, Avery spent the better part of the day bonding with "her baby" Flossie.  She sat in the barn and read to Flossie---so sweet.

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