Got Milk?

Josie is doing great!  
Only problem, is she takes her own sweet time going back out to the pasture.
Doesn't she know I've got things to do?
Between Josie and Lilly, we are getting 6.5 to 7 gallons of milk  A DAY!  Two gallons goes to calves.  Pigs, dogs and cats get another 1+ gallon, leaving us with 3 gallons a day.  I'm going to be more generous to the animals this week, and I'll be making twice as much yogurt.    William (the calf) should be weaning soon....which means we will have 4 gallons a day!   

The house fridge is full, the milk room fridge is full, and I've given away 7 gallons this week!  
Four gallons of milk went to the a/c man and his helper.  Yes, on top of everything else, our HVAC died last week.
Our good news for the week, is that we got the pool liner replaced!  I do not know what hoops were jumped through to get it, I am just relieved to have it in, and filling up with water.
If you need some milk---just stop by!

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  1. Sell shares of milk; that's my plan. I have families just waiting.