The buff Orpington chicks we got last October are laying eggs---9-10 a day!!
The pasture with goats, mini-donk, mini-horses, William the calf, and Moe the lamb is being re-done.  The wood fence, though it looks good, is falling apart, and has many rotten posts.  It is certainly not goat proof.  The goats have been going wherever the please, but that has to change, since it is time to plant a garden.
This cutie pie, Moe, has to learn how to stay in the pasture with the big boys, and eat more grass. He has skipped his lunchtime bottle for 3 days now, and has been in the pasture most of the time.  The new fence will keep him in too.  DH and I got the metal posts and fencing up last week.

Jake was home from Pensacola, so we put him to work (and his neck got sunburned).  Kristen was here also, she knocked down all the wooden cross pieces, and Jake hauled them to a burn pile.  Jake also did alot of weedeating, and cleaning of fence rows all over the property.  He was a huge help.

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