Let there be light

DH is off for 3 weeks!!!!  The "to do" list is long, but it is great to see progress.
The 8 stall barn went from 3 lights, to 12!!!  I am so thankful DH has the ability to do electrical wiring.
It is still getting dark before we finish bottle feeding William.  In the winter I will be especially grateful, as we had to deal with flashlights and dim lighting last winter.
William is probably around 200lbs., hard to believe he is only two months old.  A sweet boy, when he's not trying to get milk.  We have about 2 more months of bottle feeding to do.
Jake went back to Pensacola.  He is a supervisor of 120 workers at AB*ka.  He just moved to a new apartment and is thrilled to have a washer and dryer there!  And he brought us a crazy/interesting trivia fact this visit.....PCC served over 1 milliion pounds of chicken tenders last year.  And since employees get free lunch in the campus cafeteria, he ate his fair share of those chicken tenders=).

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  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I love reading your blog and seeing your farm grow. I'm in Australia and work in an office, wishing I was doing what you are. Jennette