Could he be any more adorable?

This morning it was warm with 97% humidity.  It started clearing up about 9.  
We headed out in summer clothes, although jackets were needed for a little while.  This was  Moe's first time in the grass.
We enjoyed a beautiful day outside, and opened windows and doors to the house.
It was 75 degrees at 4 pm.
It has now dropped 32 degrees in under 4 hours, and tomorrow night the temp is supposed to drop to 19!

DH has already been given orders to "come prepared to stay" at work.  Again, I'm so thankful the power company puts them in hotels and feeds them well.  Even if he can't be home, it's really kind of nice to know he's safe instead of being on icy roads driving back and forth.
I guess we will be staying inside again, and spoiling a certain adorable little lamb.

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  1. It's a high of 6 here tonight with a 8" of snow coming down - it's horrible! I had one daughter that was supposed to leave today for NY and it was cancelled. Another is scheduled to leave for CA tomorrow and JD and Alyssa leaving driving for PA tomorrow also - as long as roads are cleared. It has been a long, long winter! Adorable lamb. I'm hoping my female goat is pregnant since I bought a stud who is very studly.