Bye bye snow

I have to admit it was pretty.  
We had to cancel our orthodontic appointments for the second time due to weather.  
DH was only stuck in a Bham hotel for one night this week....we love that the power company takes care of their people!
It was decided that we could not wait any longer for our Wh0le Foods trip, so we headed out on Friday.
We live just off of a major truck route highway, which goes straight to the interstate, so I wasn't worried about driving.
I learned an amazing thing....north AL is actually equipped to handle snow!  No where else we have ever lived plowed the roads, nor had the capability to do so.  It was kind of neat to be on the road, perfectly safe, with snow on the mountains all around us.

So at Wh0le Foods, we bought oodles and oodles of noodles, and: 25 lbs of rice, 25 lbs of grits, 50 lbs of potatoes, 10 lbs. black-eyed peas, 40 lbs of chicken thighs, 45 lbs. of flour, 15 lbs. of butter, a case of chili beans, a case of cereal bars, a case of macaroni and cheese, and 151 other items.
I am so thrilled to have a house full of groceries again, and to be able to get back to my normal menu.
The kids are thrilled to be eating some of their favorites again.
I am thrilled that the snow is gone!!!!    OH--just got word that more crazy weather is expected soon.

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