Amazing Lilly

First let me say this little boy is pretty amazing.  Letting me put a halter on him at about 26 hours old, then a lead a few hours after that...what a good boy.  He needs a name though.
Lilly was at the gate at "training time", only now it's the real thing, not just training.
What a huge blessing this cow is!  She's such a good girl.

She has yet to be separated from her calf, so we weren't expecting anything.  
Lilly gave us about 3oz. of liquid gold.  This colostrum went into the freezer for future emergencies.
You see, if a calf's mother rejects it, or the mother died, and the calf does not get colostrum, it will die.
SO, it's a huge blessing to have even a few ounces on hand.  

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