A Baby!!!!

Thankful for God's timing!  Yesterday Lilly started looking really ready to have a baby.
Since DH got up late this morning (5:30 as opposed to 3am), I went to check on Lilly, even though it was only 22 degrees.  Lilly looked at me like I was a maniac, but was fine.
I went back out at 7:15 and Lilly was ready!  She did great---1st time!  BUT-she had the calf in the corner of a pen, where 3 pastures meet.  There was a gap at the bottom of the fence, which of course no one would consider a big deal....unless your calf's head slips under it!

I went through the gate to the other side of the pen and reached as far as I could trying to push the calf's head back under the fence.  As the calf was completely delivered, it just slid further and further under the fence.  I ran down to the next gate, about 50 yds, and back up the other side.  I thought maybe I could carry the calf back to Lilly.  Ummmm, no, a slimy limp 50ish lbs calf, not gonna happen.  
I had told Emmi to come out at 8 and check on us.  I looked at the time on my phone, and knew Emmi would be there in a minute.  When she got to us, I ran to get the golf cart, got it through 3 gates, and we tried to get the calf onto the floor of the cart.  It was no easy task, but we did it.  BUT, when we got back to the other side, Lilly was heading off into the wild blue yonder.  I knew she needed to clean the calf up and get it dry.  Thankfully, with some sweet talk, Lilly came back, and mothering kicked in.
Since then, everyone is doing great.  Lilly even came to the milking parlor like we have been training her to do every afternoon.  Tomorrow, we hope to be milking! And loving on a precious calf; who, without God's perfect timing, wouldn't have made it.

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