Happy and Mr. Fuzzypants.

Dining room was painted in October.  Just found replacement sconces today,  Never thought it would be that hard to find a simple sconces that didn't cost an arm and leg.

Painted the kitchen last week, the mauve on the wall looked hot pink as I was painting.  Hoping to get the curtains made this week, then I'll show you.  I was going to play a joke on DH.  I painted the whole room, got everything back in place, and pictures re-hung before he got home.  When he noticed, I was going to act like it had been painted for weeks and he was losing his mind.
The joke was on me....he really did not notice....and he is losing his mind ;o.  
He has been working overtime, 12 hour shifts plus 2 hour commute.  He only had a few days off the whole month of November, and it will be the same in December.  So both us would appreciate your prayers for our sanity=).

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