I am sorry for judging you; now I understand

When we first moved here, I was not thrilled with the way some things had been "repaired".  I understood that the farmer was 70 years old, but still, alot of things were half done, or just thrown together in a "make do" manner.  This farm has MANY wonderful things about it, that set it off from others, but I saw all the sloppy work, that I would want to re-do, and grumbled about it.
I never meant to be judgmental, I just didn't understand.....after all, why not do it right the 1st time!
When we got the goats, and found that Jennifer could escape from so many places, we had to take action fast.  So we threw rocks and boards across fence bottoms.  We propped up dumpster lids---yes, those in above pic are dumpster lids--against gates that had gaps.  Two are tied up with rope, and the heavy antique wheelbarrow holds up the other.
We realized that we needed shelter for the horses and Toby, since they would not be able to go in the goat proofed barn at night, so we put tin up on the walls of a lean-to area.
We scrounged around and found a piece of grating to fill a gap.  We tied chicken wire to a gate with zip-ties.  We did all this last Monday in  DRIZZLY RAIN, and it took half the day.   All of the pictures here are from our goat proofing, not the work of the previous farmer.

 Now, Mr. Farmer/previous owner, I understand.

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  1. Great - you got a goat named after me? That seems fitting after my donkey named Jake :) As for the stuff all over, I get it too. It's funny because my husband will do stuff like that to "get by" but two years later, it's still there. However, when I suggest planting potatoes in old tires, he tells me it's too tacky compared to our raised stone garden beds. And I'm the one who does yard clean up because piles of stuff all over tends to get pretty bad.