Honey-Do's at Kristen's

How to make a two story entry not look so empty : 
 Thrift store frames, paint to match decor, and hang.
 We originally wanted to overlap some of the frames, but didn't want to split the wood with screws, and didn't feel too secure about a glue option....plus work time was limited, no time for glues to dry.
 My aunt gave me this fabric a year or two ago.  I found it in my stash, and realized it had the same blue-gray color as one of Kristen's extra rooms.  They took longer to hang than they did to make.

 Kristen bought my old living room sofa, and has had the thrift store picture for several years.
 She also bought our biggest TV, and the basement tv console.  I'm so glad she wanted to buy some of our extra's, and I didn't have to deal with Craigslist.
 David's desk from the basement also got a new home at Kristen's.  I also sold the basement sofa and loveseat.  Our current house is 3300sf, and some of it is wasted space for us.  We chuckle at the fact that I can go upstairs to work, where there are no kids at the moment, and within 20 minutes or so, all the kids have gradually migrated to where I am.
The farm house is 2300sf, and although it will take a little getting used to, I think it will be the perfect size.
We will be moving in FIVE more days!!!

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