Our crazy summer....so far.

We had an amazing time at Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately all of the pictures are on DH's computer, and the disks from Disney and Give Kids the World.
 This is Mayor Clayton, and Mrs. Merry, GKTW mascots.  We partied with them every evening, with a different theme each night.  Gifts were left on the kitchen table in the villa everyday, for each kid, not just the wish child.  Many Disney characters visit GKTW to have pictures made with the kids, no long lines like at the park.
 GKTW wish kids get a special pass that allowed us to go straight to the front of the line at all attractions and have special seating at shows!
This was at the Christmas party.  Each child got to pick a gift from shelves full of toys.  So many of the guests miss out on birthday parties, Christmas, etc. because they are in the hospital or simply not able to get out because of health issues.

Sadly, you may never see Disney pictures.....because......after 9 months, we have FINALLY sold our house.
Twice in one week actually--we had 2 offers.  If all goes according to plan, we will be on a farm in less than a month.  Remember Delilah the horse???  She will be ours!!  Along with 2 pregnant cows, and a bunch of chickens.  We will certainly be adding alot more animals over time.  We are very excited, and will try to post when time allows.

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  1. I am SO glad you had a great experience at Disney! I think about going back to Disney almost everyday :). Okay, I need details... where to, all that??????