Today's funny

Amazing how Jenna's brain works.
                                                    One day we will look back and laugh.......
Guess who pushed who(whom?) into the pool?  The kids had permission to rinse their fingers off in the pool, after eating sticky popsicles.  Wes got carried away and was putting his whole arm in, for apparently no reason, Emmi pushed him in.
After punishment and discussing the dangers...I'm laughing inside.  Reminds me of when Kristen pushed Jake down the cement stairs in front of the church, while everyone was visiting outside.  They were about 5 and 6 at the time.  They still remember it and laugh=0

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  1. Hi, Janet! I've enjoyed catching up! Sounds like you've been busy! Maybe the serious lookers will decide to give an offer! Your house and yard are so beautiful! They would certainly be getting a great deal from all your hard work!