Just so you know...

 I wasn't a lazy bum on Tuesday, like I thought I would be.  After piano lessons for Jenna, I trimmed all the bushes in the yard.  Today, I thought I would tackle this.....
 Just as I got all the car seats out.....the phone rang.
 "Can we show your house in 30 minutes?"   Why of course=)  So I did a test run of 'life with no car seats', all the kids are of legal size for our state...I just prefer more strenuous requirements.
We went back to our "private" park.

 We discovered that Wes CAN walk on his hands......

And maybe....just maybe....we'll be looking at 2 offers on the house this week.
 The people who looked yesterday, for the 2nd time.....want to come back Saturday for a THIRD time....good grief.  They want to bring their parents......really people, leave and cleave!  And now I'll hush before I get myself into trouble=)

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