The things they notice...

or don't notice in this case.  
We've watched the "Little Couple" for a while, I'd say at least 2 years.  
So, Tuesday night, Wes  turns to me and asks;
"Why is he little?"--referring to Bill, who was standing by a door (size comparison).
 Funny, that our resident "little person" never noticed, or never asked about it.

Here's a picture of 9.5 year old Wes, whose feet barely hang off the sofa.  His 3 younger siblings have now passed him by in the height department.  He has outgrown a few pairs of pants in length, but in shorts, he still has a few size 4's.  When we went through the seasonal clothes, we were finally able to discard some size 3 PJ's.  We love him, no matter what size.
In other news, we had 2 total meltdowns today.  This morning was Avery, and this afternoon it was Emmi.  Both lasted just over an hour.  If you've never experienced the drama caused by early life trauma, think of an infant with colic.  At one point, DH went to check on Emmi, and was told "You've crashed all my hopes and dreams".   Emmi used to have night terrors.  Now she rages, and says things that she thinks will hurt our feelings.  There is no point in trying to reason with either one of them.  They just have to get it all out.  Interestingly enough, the meltdown turns off like a switch, and they are happy as can be, like nothing happened.  Post Traumatic Stress is not a pretty thing.
Hope you have a happy week, with no meltdowns;)

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  1. Feeling your pain there...doing the same thing here. I am blaming some of it on the weather. If it would just settle down and get warm so everybody can be outside I think it would definitely help. But even so, childhood trauma stinks. :o(