Our week ...

Since my children can't get enough of scool, they play "school".
                                           Emmi is reading to them about different dog breeds.
 Emmi got chocolate from Ukraine this week, from a friend who just returned home from an adoption trip.
On Wed. we got a 30 minute notice to show the house.  I was in work clothes, and did not want to be seen in public.
We found our very own private park.
 I don't think we were supposed to be there, but there were no signs, and the gate was open.
I figured the worst thing that could happen would be that someone might tell us to leave.
                                      It was at the OLD elementary school, where I attended first through 6th grade.

And this week's "let's throw some more money at this house to make it more appealing so someone will buy it" DIY project was framing out the mirrors in 2 bathrooms.

We have withdrawn the offer (again) on the original house we wanted ( owner had alsheimer's and family fued).  After 6 weeks, we decided this was not one of those short sales that goes quick, and we can't wait an unlimited amount of time.  We found a house in Pell City last week, only to find out the zoning would not allow farm animals.  Tomorrow we are off to Cullman to look at some more houses.  Happy Weekend!
Be sure and check back next Thursday....you will not believe what you'll read.....any guesses?

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  1. I am telling you-you are looking for a house in the wrong direction!!!! :). I love that they are playing school. That means you must be doing a great job.