The world of Autism and other meltdowns

Thought I'd give you a glimpse...Waid LOVES to vacuum the stairs everyday, but covers his ears while doing it.  When he first came home from China, he would hit the ground and cover his ears if there was a leaf-blower, or any loud sounds going on outside.  It took over a year for this to get better.  Sometimes we would be outside playing and he'd hit the ground before I even realized someone had cranked up a machine.
 At church, when the soloist sings, he covers his ears......a bit embarrassing when a visitor sings.  Auto flush toilets and hand dryers in public restrooms FREAK HIM OUT!
 He constantly makes noises or talks.  In stores, his "spot" is holding onto the right side of the buggy.  We'll be walking through a store, him chatting away.....to no one......about pretty much nothing.
He was caught yesterday, taking steps to save us from certain destruction....

 distributing Zoob fire extinguishers throughout the house.  He did this job in silence---an amazing and rare rest for my ears.
 Our other child who has meltdowns.....made this cute felt raccoon with very little help.  She has great patience when creating things.  Her meltdowns are food triggered, she has to eat every 2.5-3 hours...or watch out.  I believe her food issues have alot to do with orphanage trauma, and malnourishment; not having solid food until she was 2.
 Our pediatrician agrees, but said she may also have hypoglycemia.  To test, she would have to have a meltdown at the Dr office, and draw blood at that time (which would cause the meltdown to escalate beyond belief. ) But, since the treatment would be to feed her every 2.5-3 hours, it pretty much doesn't matter right now.
And here's a pic of 3 of our girls, just because they are so pretty=)


  1. Awwww, they are so pretty! And he vacuums every day? Wow. You are such a great mom Janet. Your children are beautiful.

  2. Hearing protectors! Had a friend whose son wore them pretty much everywhere...church, movies, etc.
    And Sarah Ying has the same food issues so I don't think it is hypoglycemia. And just for comparison, she could never NEVER make a little stuffed animal like that. Not alone/ with help/ broken down into small tasks/ whatever. She is 9.5 now and really not ready to do 3rd grade. Sigh.