Simply add nutritous Kale

Back in the growing season, I dehydrated many jars of kale and spinach.  Not that they are that hard to get during the winter....but my prices are way better than Whole Foods.
Recently, I've been trying to remember to use it.  I've crumbled up a couple of handfuls and added it to meatloaf, salisbury steak patties, and today I added it to chicken and dumplings.  Nutrition through the roof!
A great bonus--your picky eaters will never even know it's in there...thankfully, we all love spinach. 
(Fresh of dehydrated, that is...not the yucky sea-weed-like frozen stuff.)
                                 We had salad with it, then some lemon poppy seed bread a while later.  I'm trying to make one/ freeze one with my baking.....sometimes it works.
 Miss Tangle, I mean Emmi got a haircut.  We braid her hair everynight, and it still ends up a mess.  She sleeps in her bed like a kangaroo in it's mother's pouch.  We could take the tangles no more!
                                                           The long.....the rough cut.....
                                                  The final results, about 10 inches less.

 YAY! no more tangles.  No more hurting hand for mom after combing out the post-shower mess.
All is well with the world....at least at our house....at least for the moment;)

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