My Super Saturday Project

The players.
          Got my barstools at Target about 5 years ago, under $40 each.  They've held up very well.
When we move they will not match, or be the right size...so what have I got to loose....
 First coat of homemade chalk paint:  1 part plaster of paris
                                                         2 parts paint
                                                         1/2 part water
                                             I used a old gatorade scooper, and it was plenty.
                                                              After two coats...........
 After rubbing deck stain on.  I used VERY little, probably not even a teaspoonful for 2 stools.
And after a layer of paste wax.
                 Since I had 2 stools, I decided to live on the wild side and do 2 colors...so unlike me.      
                               The finished product, in under 3 hours--including fixing lunch for the kids.
                           The fabric swatch is what will go in my new kitchen, the cabinets will be grey.
I'll be chopping at the legs of these stool at the new house...here they are bar stools, there they will be counter stools.  And since they turned out so great, I will be sad if cutting them down does not work.


  1. Oh, wow! They look great! I'm super impressed!

  2. JANET!!!!! What can you NOT do????? I love the colors. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog. This has been such a season of things just being hard. But it will get better, and even if it doesn't I am holding onto the hope of glory that is in me-Jesus!

  3. Love the chair makeover!