Here today, gone tomorrow

Here's one of the 3 shots, from the kids 16 minutes playing in the snow.....
                                                    They decided it was too cold.
                                              Not the case today.....high 60's, but cloudy.

                                                These are the stick dolls they were playing with.
                                        Avery's has a skirt, and Emmi made Wes one with spikey hair=)
Since big sister now works at the world's largest producer of fire extinguishers....Waid has decided to build his own fire extinguishers.  He puts them by every doorway...and notice the fireman's helmet.
        All the kids, and Piggy, and Ben, and Gloria, have enjoyed the game the got on Valentine's.
Trying to have a normal week, and praying for our house to sell.

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  1. Such a huge difference between having the snow and it being melted!