Rental/Kristen's house

We finished the house the end of November, but I never showed you!
 Remember the very wierd den had no window, we added the french door, and the wood floor, plus LOTS of scrubbing, primer, and paint.

                                         Her bathroom---yes the 22 year old loves penguins.
                                                                     Front door
                                                                Hall bath (mom's choices).
                         Kitchen.  We wanted to do tile flooring, but time, money, and mostly back pain,
                                                    meant that we had vinyl installed.

 Got the fridge off Cr*igslist for $100, stove also.  It was just like the old one---
                               only like-new condition.  Dishwasher was $45 at a yard sale. 
                                 The really nice, deep sink was also $45 from a yard sale.
                                                           Door to basement.
 All new windows throughout the house, new carpet, new roof and gutters....lots of labor.

                                          Remember the peacock artwork from the thrift store??
                               My little project, to be continued next year in the back yard.
         We started off saying it wold be the smartest--or stupidest thing we'd ever done.
                                                       So what do I think now?  There were days that the work built our relationship with Kristen.  There were days we wanted to strangle her.  Overall I'd say it was a good relationship builder.  In the heat of it--I said NEVER again, now, I would do it again under the right circumstances.  Dragging the children over there, with toys, lunches, etc a day or two every week for about 4 months was the worst part. 

Financially speaking, yes, worth it.
If we sold it today we could make about $30k profit.
As long as Kristen is happy there, and is a good renter, she can stay, and has the option to buy.
We are not making profit on the rent.  If she buys, we will make a profit, but not as great as if we sold to someone else.
Knowing Kristen is in a good location, and not moving every 6 months is a good thing.
And now on to another renovation.........


  1. That's funny about the penguin bathroom. When we moved in, my girls did their bathroom in penguins. Last year when we repainted and replaced the shower curtain, I just did flowers but we all still call it "the penguin bathroom". I think it'll last forever and people will never know why.

  2. I totally love that blue door. Cute house, good job! Are there before pix anywhere?