I went Awall

But now I'm back.  Since late November....Emmi got braces
                         Avery and Waid got palate expanders.  The other 3 will need work also....
                                                        thank goodness for tax refunds.
                                                We had all 8 kids home for Christmas!
Jake graduated college, and came home, along with an onterage of buddies needing to catch planes, or spend a night before continuing to drive home.  We've enjoyed these times, and helping the other kids for several summer and Christmas breaks, but now the Hurley Hotel is closed.

All eight kids were home for Christmas!

Jake got some useful presents....like a vacuum cleaner, and kitchen supplies.

 DH got a long awaited, and well deserved new car.  His old one had over 200,000 miles, and was over 13 years old.  One of Jake's friends bought it, which was a blessing for both.  She left her car here for us to sell, and apply to the purchase price, everyone is happy.

The morning my baby left for Texas.  He currently has 2 weeks left in training.  He has an apartment waiting on him, and Ikea furniture ordered.  He was tear gassed last week as part of training, and is still excited to start his job at the prison system.

Besides that we have been cleaning, house shopping, cleaning, regular appointments, cleaning, cooking, cleaning...you get the picture.  Our house has been shown every week since Thanksgiving, multiple time.  The last seven days it has been shown 5 times!  Great, except it kind off ruins our routine, and blows our food budget when they show it at meal time.  We are very ready for that right person to come along and buy it!


  1. Glad you are back! I love the update and pictures!

  2. Happy to see you back!