I do not like it Sam I am

                                                               Not one bit!
                                             Trying to think of one nice thing to say about it.................
Remember last year... I was stuck in the van, in the snow, for 2.5 hours with an ADHD kid!
This year----the 15 minute drive home from piano lessons took just under 2 hours.
We had to abandon the van at the entrance of of the subdivision, because it's a hill.  My van is off the side of the road, where I slid backward, in the landscaped area of the entrance.  After we saw traffic on the road, DH walked (almost 1 mile) to see if he could retrieve the van.  Nope--the sprinkler system at the entrance was on, and the van was covered in a sheet of ice.....an it will be a muddy mess when it thaws.
Forget the 6 kids's dental cleaning tomorrow.....and probably the orthodontic appt on Thurs.
In the future, I will NOT step foot out the door if they mention snow.

On a better note....
                           Avery has been knitting a scarf....all I have to do is figure out how to tie it off....
                                                            the directions are stumping me.
 Wes loves maps, and drawing them.  Can't tell in the pic, but this is his very creative 3D version of the US.
                                          Complete with mountain ranges, the St/\. Louis Arch, and a lighthouse in Maine.
                                                  Emmi made this racoon, a kit from American Girl.
And Waid is being creative too.  Notice the fireman on the right, with striped coat and even a hat.
                                              Hoping to have a very melty day tomorrow=)


  1. Not a big fan of the white stuff myself...glad you didn't end up stuck any longer than you did. My oldest had to report to class at UAB for a test in the morning and didn't get home until 7 hours later.

  2. Hi! Anna from the yahoo group. What a beautiful family! I love these square blocks on the bottom. Could you share where you purchased them. Our Gracie is 8 and so delayed. I'm always looking for toys / games that could be used educationally. ( yucky snow weather here in FL too. Everything shut down for 3 days. A mess)