Busy times

Since my last post, we have had two birthdays. 
Waid is 8.
We've made numerous trips to Kristen's getting a gas leak fixed, and county approval to turn it back on.....one more way for a county to get funds.
Numerous doctor appointments, including spacers for 3 kids getting braces.
(All 6 will eventually have to have them.)
Ben got new clothes from Kristen, and it wasn't even his birthday....Ben belongs to Emmi, but was built by Kristen many years ago at Build a bear. 

 Looked at 5 houses, and made on offer on one with this view.

 A week later, we still do not have a signed contract, because one owner has dementia,
and other family members are on the deed, and there is a family feud of sorts going on among the sellers....
boy we know how to pick 'em.  
We've shown our house a coupe of times.
My oldest baby turned 22.

And in anticipation of/hopes of moving, I done a lot of baking and freezing, so we'll have things to snack on during the chaos.  I've discovered that organic snack foods are hard to come by, so I need to be prepared.
We've also had some rough days with some kids.  I never thought that ADHD (un-medicated) could be harder to deal with than autism or mental retardation...but it is on many days.
Happy weekend!


  1. We had our first babies at the same time - Gabriel turns 22 on Dec. 6th (but was due Nov 17th!) Love the view - can't tell you how much work went into the grass, fence and barn! I wouldn't start again where we started - I'd buy it done like you are!

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Happy for your possibilities :) ~Trina S.

  3. Congratulations on your new home! May you have very many happy years to come living there!