Fall weather and school

It was 37 degrees this morning, but I have zinnia's.  Stranger things have happened with Alabama weather.  AL weather is perfect for me, just enough cold weather to enjoy the seasons, but short enough to swim 5-6 months a year.  I really cannot imagine living northward, where *gasp* they get snow EVERY year, not to mention multiple days and feet of snow.
If you need cheering up (because it's already cold and snowing where you live), maybe this will do the trick.  So silly.  This page from an Abeka 1 reader had us all cracking up today.
I love, love, love that we have had 3 normal school days this week.  Sadly, I must accept the fact that this year....for the first year EVER, we will not have 70 days of school by Thanksgiving.  It's always a goal of mine, but there is noooo way this year. 

 We love ABeka, and have used parts of it for over a decade!, and probably always will.  But, I do mix in other things, and need your help!  Does anyone have any ideas for a dev. delayed child who cannot get past 2nd grade English?  This child is finishing up Lang 2, for the second time, and still not getting a lot of it.  We've used supplemental worksheets along the way.  I know the child' slow reading skills have a lot to do with it.  Directions are not thoroughly read.  State of being verbs are rarely correct (is, am, are, was).
You'd think this kid once spoke a foreign language!--imagine that.  Also has problems sounding out words...today I got "heremens" for "humans".  I get sentences like "I making sand castle.", "A fish like to eat a fish food.", "I can fishing in the river."  It's hard to know what the problem.  And with SN kids, I know I have to prepare myself for the day when they truly cannot proceed any further with academics, although this is not the case currently.  I have numerous thrift store workbooks we will soon begin to trudge through.  Maybe with one of them, a gigantic light bulb will go off in this child's head=)

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