Avery's surgery

She was all smiles beforehand.
 Not after.  This surgery took an hour longer than anticipated, a total of 3 hours.  She went back to the OR at 8, and didn't come out til 1:00.
 She did well, in her morphine induced state, until about 7.  She ate some macaroni and bread, but at 7 it all came back up.  Which made me think that the episode might buy us an extra night in the hospital, but thankfully, it did not.
 We had a great view from the 9th floor.  I enjoyed the colors of the sky as the sun came up---because I normally don't see that=).
 We could see Daddy's work building--with red emblem blocked by AT and T tower.
 Avery was much more swelled this morning.  Dr. Grant said she will look different everyday for several weeks.
 And finally, at 3:30--after ice cream---she finally felt like doing something other than watching shows.
While DH and the kids were at the hospital, and the 4 visitors per room policy was being strictly enforced, I took some of the kids out to the family area on our floor. 
In walked a mom with her 7yo blind daughter, using her cane!!  I about jumped out of my skin with excitement.  Even at the low-vision zoo event, there were no kids using canes except us.....so I guess we were the 'blindest" ones there.  What are the chances?!?!  We have NEVER seen another kid using a cane, and have probably seen less than 10 adult cane users in my entire life.
How neat, that GOD crossed our paths.  We hope to have a playdate soon!

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  1. Oh, the little sweetie. I just want to scoop her up and hug her. So you hug her for me. :)