Happy Birthdays

I've been scolded about not posting for a few weeks;), so I will try to catch up over the next few days.
 We have 5 birthdays in a month.  Three in one week.  Wes turned 9.
                                                    Isn't he a cutie!
                                                           Avery turned 8.  Wow- home almost 6 years.
 I turned..............., my birthday is the same day as Avery's.  That is part of how we knew she would be our daughter,  even when another family had her file.

 Avery is still eating here, but she and Kristen played Lego's for almost TWO hours.  How sweet=)
                                           It made Avery's day that Kristen took so much time with her.
Next week we have Jake and AJ's birthdays, and Jake actually gets to come home!


  1. Happy birthday to you and to all your sweeties!

  2. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I've missed seeing your posts. Good to see all that is happening on your home. Lots of Birthday fun!!! yay!!!

    Trina S.