Garden pictures

But first...
 Emmi made a new recipe.  Animal crackers dipped in yogurt, and sprinkles, then frozen.
 She said she was making hairstyles, and skirts for them.
 Our hydroponic tomatoes are over 8ft tall, this picture was a few weeks ago.
 I have never had merigolds do this well, happy, happy.
 Peppers, and below, baby canteloupes starting to emerge.
 Cabbage, per Emmi's request.
 Wonderful zinnia in the middle of the lettece bed.
 Our carrots are getting bigger, but they are a small variety.  Tiny, but yummy.
 Surprisingly, the kids are loving all the garden food.  We have sliced tomatoes and cucumbers for snack almost every day!  We had 2 great field trips last week, so stay tuned.

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I just caught up on all your posts!! You have been super busy!! What an encouragement to me your are with you diligence. Looks like you need a cow too my friend not just a dog :) Hey you might be able to market that blueberry milk. LOL ~Trina S