Curds and Whey

I'm not Little Miss Muffet, but, I did make some cream cheese and whey.
 My strainer contraption that I came up with to drain the whey.

 Finished product.  We mixed the cream cheese with strawberry jelly and had it on bagels.
 We stocked up on fresh eggs at the farm, green ones, blue ones, chocolate colored ones, oh my!
 We go through a few eggs,  a few dozen that is, a week.
 Yummy REAL milk=)
 I completed these two dresses, they have been waiting their turn in the ironing pile.

Kristen said I should make Avery one too, but since she gets all the hand-me-downs, she has more than enough.
These are made of fabric I bought in China when I went to get Waid.
 Both dresses are from the same pattern, I just like to mix things up.
 back view....and yep, it took me 3 years to use the fabric.
 What autism looks like today.....The fan is blowing the airplane propeller.  Waid has the front of the airplane up to his ear, listening to the sound, feeling the vibration.  He did this on-and-off throughout the day, probably for a total of about 2 hours.

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