Bad dog/Good dog

This is Samantha.
                                                             This is Samantha's hole.
                                                         This is Samantha's "area".
                                     That "area" used to look as pretty as the rest of the grass.
 She loves the hole.  She couldn't behave like the other dogs, hence the reason she is not in the little temporary pen we made for them.
 She's daydreaming of the day she will have her own yard.....so am I.
 We did not close on the house Friday, there were 15 liens to be cleared.  Our realtor, with 20+ years of experience, said she has never seen so many liens.  Dreaming of getting a clear title this week.
 And I will try to forgive Samantha for messing up my yard, since she's such a good reading partner.
 Emmi read for over 2 hours on both of these days, out loud, to the dogs.
 The dogs have enjoyed "Millie-Molly-Mandy".

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  1. We like Millie Molly Mandy, too!