The most Frugal Friday ever!!!!

We bought a house.  So how is this frugal?
It was a HUD foreclosure.
We purchased it for about 41% of it's  value.
We will doing a facelift very quickly after we close on the house.  Then we will have about 45% of it's value in the house.
The current facelift will be inside only, and not all of it.  We will scrape popcorn ceilings, paint the entire interior, lay laminate flooring in the den, and put carpet in the bedrooms and hall.
Kristen will be living there and "renting" from us.
We are excited to have her back in town...maybe that will help me miss Jake less when he goes to Texas.
 We hope to do an exterior facelift in the fall, and lay ceramic tile in  the bathrooms and kitchen.
 We hit the Habitat for Humanity store, and found paint.  We got Martin Senour primer, ceiling paint, and white eggshell for closets.  We also got a few neutral colors there and at our Sherwin Williams store, that were mis-tints.  All together, about 30 gallons, for $8-11 each.  That's waaaay less than what I normally pay at SW, and I happen to know that Martin Senour is pretty good stuff, I've used it in the past.    Now we are on the prowl for any beige mis-tints that we can mix together for the bulk of the house.
Lastly, we scored on last-one light fixtures at HD.  A motion detector light for $19, a pendant for $10, that was over $40, and a bathroom light for $28 that was $42.  We had to pay full price for 2 ceiling fans, and 1 fluorescent light, but they had nice ones for a great price.  We got the other bathroom fixture at Habitat for $5.  AND, today, on the way to the grocery store, we stopped at a few yard sales.  Got a nice large foryer fixture for $7, spray paint for it was $4, and we'll have to buy a longer chain for it.
Hope you found some great frugal finds this week too=).


  1. We are getting ready to close on a house up in Winchester, VA. It's a log cabin (small, 2-3 bedrooms with one bath)on 10 acres. It's a short sale, so paid about 60% of it's value. The long term plan is to have it as a vacation rental (and make enough to pay down our real house) but we are going to straight rent it for a year or two to prepare for that.
    Like we don't have enough going on :)

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Congrats on the home. May it bless both you and your hubby as well as your precious daughter ;)
    Trina Scoda