Since last week....

We  made homemade peanut butter.  I remain Jif loyal.
 Made eggplant parmesan for the 1st time ever, everyone liked it.  We do not have eggplant in the garden yet, I got these at a local market for $1 each.
 We had our home-grown potatoes and beans with it.  We've learned we'll need to plant a lot more beans next year.
I am bringing in Gardenia clippings daily,  the most soothing scent on earth!
Eating lots of fresh salads=)
 Kristen showed me this amazing bracelet she made.  I didn't know she had that kind of patience.

I am very much enjoying the yard.  It will be next year before the big pool deck is built, and more privacy fence replacing chain link,

I tried to correct that last sentence, but weird things are happening on my computer.
I hope you are enjoying June!

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  1. I am amazed you are getting so much from your garden. Ours is just pitiful right now. But I have hope it will get better. All the rain should help if it doesn't kill the plants-it is coming down so hard when it does come.

    And I am with you with the gardenias. Ours are starting to bloom and I just bring them in and put them around the house. So Southern and so sweet.