Polka Dot cover-up

Ya know what they say about mellowing with age.
I would have NEVER done this 20, 15, or even 10 years ago. 
I used to like my public spaces to have adult décor, only kids rooms and playrooms had kid décor.
Actually, the whole upstairs is "kids world" , I still wouldn't do this on the main level.
 It was spur of the moment too, something else I don't do often.  I wanted the whole upstairs hallway painted blue, to hide dirt.  I was stretching my paint, and ended up with just enough for 2 walls.  But when I when I got through, there were a few spots that needed touching up, except I was totally out of paint.
 So I quickly made some stencils, put dots over the "bad" spots, and randomly filled in the rest.
 These are the same colors as the den we re-did last year.  Never you mind that this hall/stair was waiting for a year to be painted. 
When we painted the stairwell 7 years ago, we said NEVER AGAIN.  But guess what, painters don't take small jobs. (although it was no small job for us).  Guess what else...our other house has a 2 story stair well also, and I will get to paint it soon.
 I'm trying to get my house in order before we tackle the other house.  Remember the artwork hangers I got from the thrift store a few weeks ago....there they are.

My reasoning behind using 2 colors?  The kids use the handrail on the one side, so it doesn't get dirty.  They DO tend to touch the other wall, which I painted blue to hide any dirt.  The blue wall wraps around to the blue wall in the den , and the camel colored wall connects to the same color wall in the den.
Hope you had more fun than I did on Saturday;)

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  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I so appreciate your décor style and sense!!! The upstairs looks fantabulous!!!~Trina Scoda