Long over due update

Remember the front door I lamented over last year, and HD took 3 special orders to get?
Did I ever show it to you?
 I don't think I did.  It may not seem like such an amazing door, but it was a special size....making it such a headache.  We ended up going with fiberglass, so I did not get to do the faux finish on it=(
BUT--This week I finally got around to doing the faux finish here!
                                                                   I am in love!!!
                                               Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, it makes me smile.

                    And so does the back door (still need to razor blade the edge of the glass).
 Found these cute -almost a perfect match- hooks last year for $20 each--I just couldn't stand to pay that.  Went back to the little store this week....they STILL had them, reduced to $10 each!!
 And my heart is singing!!!  This is the porch ceiling.  It's one of  those -either you love it, or hate it- things.  Emmi thinks it looks dirty;0.  I hope to have the porch rails and floor stained soon.
My final touch of the week...I got this metal decor thingy on sale from Ballard in 2001, when I could afford to buy a few things from Ballard.  It's ben in 3 dens since then, on the porch, and now on the fence.  I have gotten ever penny of my $50 out of it! 

I need to do more catch up blogging, but this has to be it for now.
BTW- Jake drove from Pensacola to Huntsville--as in TEXAS--today.  He has a job interview with the prison system on Monday, and then will be driving home for the rest of his 1 week summer break.

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  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! I love every single project! They all look so fantastical!

    Way to go!!!!!