Last Week's Frugal Finds

Love our new popsicle makers.  Under $10 with prime shipping on Amazon.  The handles are very sturdy.  They are a bit large for our kids, I am ordering more in a smaller size.  The price is less than the 4 boxes of the Aldi popsicles that we have already consumed this year. 
 Kristen wanted to go thrifting last week.  When your 21yo daughter wants to do something with you...you do not decline.  Funny, I am becoming cooler, and cooler in her book, the older she gets.
Or maybe she just wanted me to pay for her lunch, and spend my gas money--either way, I'll take it=)
 Waid is in heaven with the 2 new trucks we found.  The big one came with some megablocks and driver.  I was in heaven when he played outside with them for 4 hours straight, the next day.
 Easy Spirit--perhaps the homeliest shoes I own, but great for my feet, and like new for $7.  They will be worn at home, replacing cheap flip-flops...my feet are already thanking me.
 These artwork hangers were $3 each.  I will hang them in the upstairs playroom or hallway, low enough that each kid can have a clip, and switch out their own artwork.

 Magnetic Mosaid thingy---yes, we already have one.  It was the best $25 dollars I've ever spent, so I snatched up another for $1.98.
 Emmi is so excited about a huge scrapbooking binder we got, every other page is a plastic stencil, and the other pages show how to use them and give ideas. 
 We scored in the book department also.  Kids dictionary and atlases.  One still had a piece of tape and wrapping paper stuck to it, evidently someone was not thrilled with their Christmas present.
I got a whole stack of teacher resources, workbooks, and Explode the Code.  Several Abeka readers, and lots of historical fiction.
 Staying a season ahead.... several cute tops and sweaters for the girls.
10 pairs of PJ pants and leggings for winter PJ's.
A nice man approached me at Aldi recently.  He explained that, in memory of the Sandy Hook kids, he had committed to 26 random acts of kindness.  He asked me if we would accept $10 towards groceries or something for my kids.  OF COURSE I will!  So after dragging kids around to thrift stores, they were treated to Arby dollar shakes!, and everyone was a happy camper.

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  1. Cool about the random act of kindness! Great deals.