Sooo much going on

Since my last post.....the bucket brigade descended upon the mulch pile.
This is 2 truckloads full.
 Do you know you can get mulch for FREE?!  Ask any tree service you see working in your neighborhood.  Many of them have to pay to dump, so they'd love to give it away.  They chipper trucks do not make "front yard" worthy mulch, but it's great for gardens or kids play areas.
 Waid drew this amazing flag!  He just asked to color, and came back with this.  I was very surprised.
 See all the mulch?  This area mulched is about a 25x30 foot area beyond the pool, and the end of the future deck, and runs into a "natural area"  that runs across the back of the yard.
 It has been plain dirt for over a year, since the bulldozers and other equipment made a mess back there.  Our neighbor was kind enough to let all pool construction and retaining wall equipment be brought through his yard, he got all the extra dirt to fill in his yard.  Anyway, the grass never grew very well there, so now it is all mulch, about 6" deep.  If we ever decide to garden the whole area, the soil should be in great shape.
 DH finished 8 dutch buckets for tomatoes.  The plants are grown in a nutrient solution, no dirt involved.  There is a small fountain pump in the gray tub on the right, that pumps the solution thru the buckets, and it drains ito the long white pipe, and recirculates.  This is his "puppy", so that's the best explaination I can give.
 I planted this area with broccoli, nastartium, rosemary, carrots, leeks and a lorapetulum dwarf bush.
 This area has crepe myrtles, daylillies, and a dogwood.  I planted parsley, sage, cabbage, bunny tails, prple basil, arugula, lavender, onions, eggplant, and asparagus.
 We planted 2 dwarf pear trees, and 2 dwarf plum trees in another area.  See the oblong area in front of the fence?  It's about 18' long, and does not have dirt yet, so that will be another day of planting sometime next week.
 The round garden is 9' in diameter.  There we planted lettuce, kale, cauliflower, hyssop, cabbage, basil, spinach, celery, chives, and marigolds and zinnia are in the center.  When the plants get a little bigger, where I can safely add more mulch, I'll clean up the black fabric edge.  The mulch used here is not from the chipper truck, but from where our stump was ground.  It is very fine, and I was able to add it without damaging the plants.
We still have a whole table full of plants in the basement, and and plans for lots of tomatoes.
This is a very interesting little bird, I'll have to investigate....
Also, DH had heart surgery Monday; he is fine, thank you=)  It was a  routine (as far as heart surgeries go) abalation.  The kids actually got some schoolwork done while we were at the hospital.
DH got a funny question about the kids.  A nurse was making small talk, he told her 2 of the kids were legally blind.  She asked if we had to do sign language in their hands?!?!  I know her mind must have been elsewhere, but we got a chuckle out of it.
I also had to pick up our Zaycon chicken order--that was placed a couple of months ago, so we could not change it.  I had to come home and get 80lbs of chicken into bags, and put in the freezer.
I'm exhausted, are ya'll?

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    I think your little bird might be a female cardinal! she's adorable.