Since last week...

These guys were cutting trees in the neighborhood.....so DH asked them if we could have the chipper truck contents.  Yep, FREE.
 A huge, ginormous pile.  The kids had fun climbing on it for a while, but then it was work time.
 Simple pleasures are the best....popping bubble wrap!
 Waid found a way to keep unwanted pests out of the playroom.
 And apparently thought it was hilarious.
 My beautiful snowball bush is in full bloom.
 Here's where some of the mulch went....
 and here, about 6 inches thick.

 We somehow worked a hole through the mulch, the side on the right is still about 4 foot tall.  We'll be chipping away at it for about a week...no pun intended.
Some things in the garden are growing, some are not, and will have to be replanted.  I am amazed by this tiny asparagus. 


  1. Oh my! What a blessing to get all that for free!!!!!!

    Okay, I want us to plan a day for you to come out here. We can sit and sip lemonade on the swing and my big kids can watch all the littles. :)

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    what a great idea to ask if you could have the chipper mulch!!! ~Trina

  3. My playyard could definitely use 6" of free mulch.
    But no tree trucks around here.

  4. Wow! That's awesome! And the dress looks great!