Frugal Friday....

or Saturday savings.  I bought the berries on Friday, at Aldi, for $1.29  a pint.
 Sixteen of them.  And bananas for 33 cents a pound. 

PLEASE help me find a solution for this!  My wonderful food mill will not clamp to my wide-edged countertop.  We tried the plastic table from Sam's, an old fashioned banquet table in the school room, my sewing table...everything we could think of.  Then we started looking outside......but I cannot stand by the pool and make tons of tomato sauce!  Besides that, the current handrail is temporary, and the food mill will not fit on the future handrail.
 Anywho....I made 16 pints of strawberry jam, and 5.5 pints of canned bananas.  Notice the kitchen bunny is wearing a veil, there will be a wedding soon, according to Emmi.
 Kristen visited the other day, and proudly modeled her Zoob crown, made by Emmi.
 Two pretty girls=).  Happy weekend.


  1. I am always so impressed with your kitchen and gardening accomplishments!

    As far as your food mill, maybe you could use the temp. handrail after it has been replaced by the new one, and turn it into a portable stand (I am picturing something like a sawhorse) just for the food mill. You always have great ideas for re-purposing items. I look forward to seeing your creative solution.

    By the way, thanks for the tip about the citrus rinds with the vinegar! I had been using vinegar for cleaning, but my son hated it because of the strong smell. Now he can help clean the bathrooms again without getting a headache from the overpowering odor. :)

  2. I didn't go to ALDI this week and I missed the strawberries. I'll be on the lookout next week.