Frugal Friday

I completed 2 dresses last week, so I'm sharing them this week.
What's frugal?  These would be over $65 in the stores---my girls would never own one.
If I purchased the fabric full price, they would be between  $20-$30 each, still pricey for us.
 I do not know the actual costs of the dresses, because I bought the fabric about 8 years ago.
Just as I was getting into the smocking game, the heirloom fabric store where we lived, went out of business.  I was blessed to have the funds at that time to buy LOTS of fabric at huge discounts.
 I never thought it would take me so long to use it all....I still have loads left.
 Since this fabric was paid for many years ago, I consider these dresses to be free!!
Way back when, I also bought over 500 white buttons on ebay for a few dollars, so we'll say they were free too.  (There are light pink stitches between the rows of hot pink, they just don't show up in the picture.)
 Ya know I love the library sales!  Our local library sale is this weekend.  I got 66 books for $6.25.
 Lots of animal/science books, Amelia Bedilia, Henry and Mudge, a few classics.
 Some teacher books.
 And my favorites of the day...Bear=), I just love him.
Happy Weekend.

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  1. Okay, you need to let me know when these library sales are. They would be worth the drive. We like Bear too!