Beautiful weather and lots of progress

Playground mulched--done.  We only have one more section of the "natural area" to mulch, a few more hours of bucket brigade.
 Pool uncovered--done.  Look what was in the plastic support cover thingy....unfortunately it had to be moved, no way around it.
 See the plastic thing, with the darker gray stipe?  Moma bird was going e under the top edge of the pool, and made her nest in a hollow space on the bottom side of the plastic piece.
 Hydroponics--done for tomatoes.  The PVC frame was not sturdy enough, so DH had to build a wooden table-like structure.   Lettuce hydroponics still in process.
 Over 40 potato plants happy and growing--done.
 Pole beans planted and strings ready for them--done.
 The view from my rocking chair (not that I have been sitting there), 4 lilacs will soon be blooming.
 I cut out 7 dresses last week!  One is done already....but 5 of them have to be pleated and smocked, so it will be a while before I can share the results.
Still to do.... install door  where old chimney was, to make storage for pool stuff.
Put permanant spindles on pool handrail.  Finish lettuce hydroponics.  Clean out garage.  Stain porch.
Pressure wash driveway.  By the time all of this gets done, along with all the regular stuff, we will hopefully be up to our eyeballs in tomatoes and beans=).

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  1. So, tell me more about this hydrophonics??? You've been hard at work also!!!