Some of what we've been doing

Remember 2 years ago, I had to make this curtain, because our elderly never-see-her neighbor moved out, and a busy family moved in?  Soon, I will get to take it down=)
 We built a fence on the side yard.  See the old 4x4?  There was a fence section that blocked our patio from the road, and hid our view of heat pumps, but did not block the neighbor side.
 The gap between the end of the fence and the big tree should be fenced soon, as soon as the guy shows up to take the tree down.  He was supposed to be here one day last week.
 I will have a lovely view.  hydrangae, lorapetulum, forsynthia, tons of day lillies and Lillac.  Oh, how I've missed seeing my plants.
 Here's the front:
 We've put a small portion of deck up.  I can't tell you how thankful I am to be able to walk down the sidewalk, step on the deck, and jump right into the pool, without using a rickety ladder.  Steps will be inside the pool for exiting.
The whole gravel area, that you can see beyond the sidewalk pavers, and the area beyond the small deck, will eventually be all deck.
 Metal pickets have been ordered to match the porch. 
 Last year we were able to put up the fence around one side of the pool, but it did not connect to the house (there was old chain link there), because the retaining wall was not finished.  YAY, we finally have that section of fence completed! 
 Little boy, big gate=)....8 ft actually, which means we cannot see the neighbors, even from up on the porch.      

I moved about a 1/2 palette of sod.  Planted lorapetulum bushes on top of the retaining wall, in front of the fence that shows from the road.
Re-arranged some of those plants outside the kitchen window.

And planted this.......climbing Jasmine!!!!!  Oh, how I love it.  We had it at our house in Tallassee.  This plant is where we can smell it's goodness every day!!
Tonight it is covered with a trash can, because it is going down below freezing for the next few nights.  Mr. Groundhog was soooo wrong.   Strong winds and freezing weather, on top of wet roads and tree branches, means we may be very thankful to have our generator again this week.  Our lights have already flashed a few times tonight.

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