Beautiful weather

Today it is rainy, but the past few days have been wonderful.
We have been able to open doors and windows=), and all of our little seedlings have been able to get some sunlight.
 Local friends: there is another consignment sale Friday 9-7, Sat 8-2, at New Life on Ruffner Rd.  A few of my friends go there, and I put some things in the sale.
All friends: Don't forget to watch The Duggars do Asia, Tuesday on TLC.  We do not watch alot of TV, it's about 99% trash.  But we do enjoy the Duggar's show, morals, values, and try to always watch it.  The kids are excited that the show was filmed in China.  In case you haven't heard; they will be visiting an orphanage.
 Melissa asked if I would share about once a month shopping, so I hope to do that this Friday.

Trina asked about our dehydrated potatoes, stating that hers turned brown.  As you an see the pic on the right, our second batch turned brown.  I have sent this pic to several others, but don't have a definate answer.  I am concerned that the left ones are not totally dehydrated.  They will sit on the countertop, where I can keep a close eye on them for signs of mold.  I've been assured that the brown ones are totally safe, just not so pretty.  Can any of you help with this mystery?
And Trina asked where we bought our seeds:  http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/Default.asp
and http://www.seedsavers.org/onlinestore/

We bought mostly heirloom seeds, so we can collect seeds from the plants for years to come.  In that way, seeds can become a one time expense, rather than a yearly expense.

Wendy asked how we got so much done last week......did I mention there was very little school happening?  Our quarterly reports were done though, we have 125 days.
And today we are doing a whole lot of nothin, recovering from a busy week and 3 night shifts.  (When DH is on nights, I get even less sleep than he does.)

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