Jake's lemon

View detailsRemember Jake's new car??
Remember he got to drive the Mercedes SUV loaner car for 2 weeks over Christmas?
After two weeks back at school, the car died again.  Mercedes took it to New Orleans, because that was the closest dealership that carried the Smart.  They did not have a loaner, but paid for a rental for 3 weeks.  After having his car for 45 days, and not resolving the problem...and much frustration on Jake's part, they agreed to give Jake a new car!!  Jake no longer had the rental car, so he had no way to get to New Orleans to pick up the new car.  DH drove to Pensacola on Friday.  Jake had to work until 10 Sat. morning, then they headed to New Orleans.  DH and Jake were pleased to find out that the office had everything ready for them, so they were only there about 45 minutes.
Jake headed back to Pensacola in his new car--gray this time--and DH drove home.
The whole experience was very frustrating, and the Birmingham dealership did not treat Jake well, but we did want to say THANK YOU to the New Orleans office, and Mercedes for owning up to the fact that Jake's car was a lemon, and replacing it for him.

I spent the weekend going through kids summer clothes.  The great thing about slow-growing Chinese kids, is that almost everything from last year still fits.  I only have to buy 2 swimsuits, and 3 pair of girls sandals!!  Since Washington cut our paycheck by $160 a month, I am very thankful that we do not have to purchase much in the clothing dept.

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  1. Don't even get me going about Washington.....there aren't enough words. You know they voted themselves a raise, oh and good news, they don't have Obamacare for themselves either.