Monkeys and housekeepers

Last week Waid had his every-6-month exam under anesthesia to check his glaucoma pressure and shunts.  He got this cool new monkey, and had a new box to play in when he got home.  He thought it was a great day=).
A corneal specialist looked at him too, and has ordered more testing to see if he would benefit from a corneal transplant.
 DH and I have often talked/joked about having a housekeeper.  On one hand, it would be dreamy, on the other hand, I would have great difficulty paying someone to do something that I can do myself.
DH jokes that I would never be able to find a housekeeper that would please me....I am kind of picky.

 Well,  Kristen was in need of some financial help.......hmmmm,  this could be the beginning of something wonderful!
She knows how picky I am, and knows how I like everything done......so it was a great set up.
Thankfully, while here, she got a call about a job--she starts Monday!!!!
It was great while it lasted, but I can't even afford her rate on a regular basis.
AND she helped out with school on her "breaks".

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