We had abusy week as usual.
Before Wes and AJ's surgeries, there was a 4 hour delay for some reason--we'd never had that happen before.  Then when we left, an 18 wheeler with steel coils had overturned on the interstate.  Those delays meant my kids went without food for 21 hours--not fun.
Our day didn't go as planned, but the surgeries went well.  And during the wait we were able to visit with a friend who is a nurse and China mom.  We also talked with another adoptive mom--I spotted her because she had a 147million orphans shirt.  We are thankful the surgeries went well, and after a couple of painful days, we already see results.
 Here's Jenna and Waid  caught playing sweetly--they were trying to find the proper lego man for their building.
 MAJOR accomplishment for Waid today---He spelled the boy's names!!
 Later Waid gave AJ a pretend haircut.  AJ was so sweet to tolerate it.

AJ also had a pretty big break through today.  He learned the 2 vowel rule---when you have 2 vowels, the second is silent and the first says it's name, or long sound.  He started slow, but caught on.  It really surprised me, because it has taken him weeeeeks to catch onto reading 1 vowel words.


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I'm an instructional aide in the public school system in California, working with second language learners. When I teach the two vowel rule, I say: "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." The second part of the learning is when the kids are asked, "What does he say?" they delight in saying, "His name!" You are right, this is quiet a challenging concept to learn for many- not just second language- kids. I've even gone so far as to illustrate the point by drawing faces and hands on vowels within words, showing them holding hands. =)

    I've only recently begun reading your blog, having stumbled upon it on blogger. I'm single, forty-something, and nobody's mom, but having a large, adoptive family was once a dream. Now I enjoy reading of others who've accomplished this, and prayerfully supporting them.

    All the best,


  2. Praising God for successful surgeries and major learning achievements!

  3. I have now officially earned the "World's WORST Friend" award. We had a death of a close friend last week...thought we would be traveling, didn't travel...anyway, no excuses here....going to bring you guys dinner even if it IS days late. This Saturday okay for you?