Frugal Friday and Teacher's work day

Australia, Spain, Ancient Rome, and many Egypt books.....16 in all, some are Eyewitness books.....for $4 !!!!
I love my library=), who was evidently cleaning out the history section.
We are studying American History right now, but I buy ahead--especially when the books are only 25 cents each.
 After school on Friday, I decided to re-do many schoolroom activities.  These activities are what e kids do when they are finished with thier work, or are waiting on me to finish working with someone else.  They include money counting games, time-telling games, puzzles, match-up cards games, worksheets where they get to use rubber stamps, quesinaire rods, etc.
 While I was working, Emmi decided to make a flag.
 I pulled out a new puzzle for Avery.
 I got busy re-organizing, cutting, laminating, etc.
 Emmi helped Waid make the most of my discarded paper scraps.  They had a blast, there were about 100 paper strips in his "Squanto" hat.
 My workday carried over into Saturday.  Emmi, Wes, and Avery had moved beyond many of the activities.  Waid is getting the white bookshelf (behind him) to himself, for his activities.

The black bookcase (behind him) now has a shelf for Jenna and AJ's activities, and other shelves for the the other 3 kids.  I cleaned out everything from floor to cieling, and can't wait for school on Monday.  I am also VERY thankful to have such a wonderful schoolroom.

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  1. Okay wow! What a great deal (blessing) on the books!!!!! That is awesome.

    Second, you are amazing with the school room organization and all the things you put together for them to do.

    Third, your school room ROCKS!